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The Pottawattamie Youth Council (PYC) is a youth led group in Pottawattamie County that seeks to help youth, children, & families in the area through service, grantmaking, and philanthropy. PYC members distribute grant funds annually to local organizations and groups after evaluating grant requests, learning about community needs, & participating in volunteer opportunities. 

PYC members learn about philanthropy—the giving & sharing of time, talent or treasure intended for the common good. Members participate in the grant making process, become better informed about community issues, develop leadership skills, & meet other young leaders.

PYC members report that they build their skills in leadership, group dynamics, communicating effectively, & community assessment as a result of being an active member in the group. They also report knowing a lot more about the community that they live in.

PYC is part of a nation wide trend of young people that are making their voices heard in their community through philanthropy & service.