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Funding and service decisions made by the board are recommended through the Promise Partners Planning Committee/Coalition. This group is comprised of numerous community organizations, groups, churches, and volunteers.

Community Planning Coalition/ Promise Partners Network

  • Large, informal group with open membership/participation to serve coordination and networking functions for all children, youth and family agencies and community partners.
  • Focuses on "big picture" planning; resource assessments; gap analysis and prioritizing needs and issues. Make recommendations for policy priorities to Governance Board.
  • Creates Task Teams or work groups to address specific issues or complete short term projects.
  • Develops and shares responsibility for implementing internal and external communication strategies to promote Promise Partners and generate community support and involvement.
  • Communicates with and makes recommendations to the Governance Board and the appropriate Task Teams or work groups.
  • Analyze and report issue specific data and review performance of grant funded services and projects as appropriate.