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Pottawattamie Youth Council Welcomes New Members

The Pottawattamie Youth Council (PYC) welcomed 12 new members to participate during the 2015-2016 year. This youth led group, consisting of 27 members from throughout Pottawattamie County, seeks to help youth, children and families in the area through service and philanthropy.

Membership is open to local high school students. Each applied in May. An orientation will be held September 20 in to help members learn about philanthropy, grant making, service to others, leadership dynamics, and group work.

"We are very lucky to have such a great group of young people who want to do something that benefits our community. I want to tell others what a fine group of young people we have with a strong desire to serve the community. That's impressive," Jessica Rayment said.

The group will meet one to two times monthly throughout the year to learn about community needs/assets, develop leadership skills, lead service opportunities, and participate in philanthropy efforts. Members will grant funds twice yearly to neighborhood-based groups (formal and informal), grass-roots community groups, community based organizations and ad hoc groups for community-driven projects that enhance and strengthen neighborhoods.

Below is a list of members:
Courtney Allen, Treynor, Class of 2016
Alexis Redshaw, Underwood, Class of 2018
Mary Casson, Saint Albert, Class of 2016
Luke Pearson, Underwood, Class of 2018
Cody Rupp, Abraham Lincoln, Class of 2016
Kendrick Umphreys, Treynor, Class of 2017
Anne Nagengast, A-H-S-T, Class of 2016
Kayla Jensen, Tri-Center, Class of 2019
Jordan Ollie, Underwood, Class of 2017
Nicole Hilderbrand, Saint Albert, Class of 2017
Dane Hansen, Creighton Prep, Class of 2016
Cydney Anderson, A-H-S-T, Class of 2017
Derek Ravlin, Underwood, Class of 2017
Morgan Dooty, Abraham Lincoln, Class of 2017
Olivia Curtis, Underwood, Class of 2017
Sarah Ehlers, A-H-S-T, Class of 2016
Jackson Dunning, Saint Albert, Class of 2019
Emily Griffin, Lewis Central, Class of 2017
Emily Casson, Saint Albert, Class of 2017
Dylan Russmann, A-H-S-T, Class of 2018
Grace Nagengast, A-H-S-T, Class of 2018
Caroline Faust, Saint Albert, Class of 2017
Molly Griffin, Treynor, Class of 2019
Grant Mantell, Treynor, Class of 2016
Melanie McCollough, Underwood, Class of 2017
Mikayla Olson, Abraham Lincoln, Class of 2017