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Our local board is comprised of the required health, education, human services, elected official, faith, business, consumer, citizen members, as well as representatives of the Department of Human Services and Juvenile Court Services respectively, and officials with the authority to represent county governments.

  • Combines the fiduciary responsibilities of the existing local Decat and Empowerment Boards into a single entity, using the Promise Partners legal non-profit status.

  • Membership will meet requirements of both Decat and Empowerment Boards and maintaining 51% citizen/elected officials. Total membership would be a minimum of 9 and maximum of 15.

  • Responsible for final decisions on use of grant funds (including Decat allocation, carry forward, transfer dollars, Criminal and Juvenile Justice Planning, Community Partnerships for Protecting Children, School Ready Funds, Early Childhood funds, and other grants) and oversees performance of contractors.

  • Hires and supervises Promise Partners Director.

  • Communicates with, seeks input, and receives recommendations from community planning committee and task teams or work groups.

  • Analyze and reports issue specific data and review performance of grant funded services and projects as appropriate.

See a list of Governance Board Members Here.