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Notice of Funding Renewal for State Fiscal Year 2018

Notice of Funding Renewal for State Fiscal Year 2018 (July 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018)


It is the intent of the Promise Partners Board to renew the current family support and quality child care services contingent on available funds, renewal requests, and final year-to-date report submission. Please carefully review the attachment. The board will need an updated budget & justification and staffing grid. The Board Committee will review the program year-to-date scorecard and progress reports prior to final contract execution. In addition, the Board wanted to give programs an opportunity to share lessons learned, any programmatic adjustments, and/or success stories as appropriate. It is not the intention to make this a labor intensive process so we have a 3 page maximum and some questions are optional. The critical elements are updated staffing, budget, scorecards, and target values for FY18. This is a renewal not an open competitive process so you may contact Tisha Moore  at with questions or for assistance. 


This is intended for the following current programs:


FAMILY Inc. CCNC                                       $  22,343

CCR&R Child Care Incentives                        $  78,479

CCR&R Consultants & PD                             $ 122,150       

Early Opportunities Therapy Services TCIT     $  20,000    


WIC Coordinated Intake                                    $   50,000

FAMILY PAT                                                    $ 326,862

VNA Project WIN                                             $   53,821    

LFSN Nurturing Parent Program                        $   25,235