Funding Opportunities

*AMENDED* FY20 Funding Renewal - Child Care

  • This document was amended to correct all references to the renewal request due date to April 12, 2019. Applications are due April 12, 2019 by 4:30 p.m..

    This renewal application is for programs that were awarded Early Childhood Iowa Child Care funding by Promise Partners in FY19. The following contracts are eligible for renewal with anticipated available funds:

    Child Care Nurse Consultation $30,000
    CCR&R Child Care Incentives $86,500
    CCR&R Child Care Consultation$78,800

    Funding requests must positively impact our Early Childhood Strategic Plan and provide evidence-based and/or research-based strategies and supports to increase the quality and capacity of childcare environments. Child Care environments include childcare centers, private preschool, child development homes and non-registered legally operating home providers.

REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL - Early Childhood Family Support ECI-SFY20-FS

  • The purpose of this Request for Proposal (RFP) ECI-SFY20-FS is to solicit proposals that will enable Promise Partners to select the most qualified applicants to provide evidence-based and/or research-based strategies and supports to provide family support services and parent education programs for families with children ages zero to five in Pottawattamie County.

    This RFP is intended to support programs that meet quality standards identified by the state board and have proven positive outcomes for children.

    The following are examples of the programs, services and activities the board may fund under this RFP:

    ● Long-term Home Visitation – program is designed to provide weekly or at a minimum of twice monthly, home visits to participating families. Services are designed to be provided over a period of at least one year or longer;

    ● Short-term Home Visitation – program is designed to provide services to participating families for less than one year. Typically, short-term home visitation programs have a singular focus which includes assessments to determine referrals to long-term or intensive home visitation programs;

    ● Group-based Parent Education – program is designed to provide a standardized curricula in a group setting. A core function of a group-based parent education program is to facilitate peer support. Group-based parent education may last a minimum of six sessions or be provided through-out the year.

    This RFP aligns with Promise Partners Early Childhood Community Plan.