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For a community to thrive, it must have strong and involved neighborhoods. When citizens are involved in their community, families are less isolated, informal supports are built, and connections between residents are strengthened.  Promise Partners offers Community Networking small grants to neighborhood-based groups (formal and informal), grass-roots community groups, community based organizations, and ad hoc groups financial supports for community-driven projects that enhance and strengthen neighborhoods. 

These grant promote child well-being and family stability by increasing informal support systems and community connections at the neighborhood level. In turn, networks are created or expanded and lasting relationships between adults, youth and children are built. This strategy incorporates the Pottawattamie Youth Council (PYC) as a vehicle for youth voice, participation in the grant process, leadership development, and community service. The research regarding youth development and community connectedness is clear that youth that feel they have a voice in community-wide matters and feel as though they are connected their community are less likely to engage in risky, unhealthy, negative behaviors, and are more likely to demonstrate pro-social skills and become active, civic-minded citizens in the years to come.

Current application for funding, available here.